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Where is the love
As soon as America realises its love for the Gun is enabling racism to flourish and gain momentum will be the day America starts to heal and make progress
love will be found everywhere instead of hate fear and social injustice
Again A Guns Usefulness Is in its use — What Use Is That ?

A Guns Usefulness Is in its use — What Use Is That ? > MORE INFO HERE <
49 Dead And Many More Injured in Night Club Massacre & One 23 yo Female Pop Star in Orlando Florida So RIP Christina Grimmie and The 49 Innocent People
Its Time for The NRA , GOP and Right Wing Media to Just Give Up And Admit They Are Either Animals With No Empathy Or Remorse
Or That They Are Psychologically Impaired > MORE INFO HERE <
(Which Brings To Question Their Fitness To Actually Be Allowed to Carry A GUN)
Or That They Are Just Plain Wrong About Gun Control
Because The Price Written In The Blood Of The Innocent Victims
Is Just To High To Ignore Any Longer
Sound bites like “Guns Don’t Kill People” “Terrorist Act” “Should We Ban Cars” “Mental Health Problem”
Just Shows You How Cold And Calculated These People Are They Are The First To Block Any Common Sense Gun Control And Mental Health Care Bills In Congress
Unless off Course Some TV personality SHAMES them Into Action
So get out there And Shame your local Governor Congressman Mayor Anyone that you can SHAME To Action
And Make America Great Once More

Just to prove im not totally bias you decide ?


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